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Arizona's Law

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As the #1 leader in I-9 form completion software, i9Check is pleased to provide the following employment eligibility-related news:

Arizona Requires Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration and
Public Benefits

On January 25, 2005, Arizona became the first state in the U.S. to require registering voters to provide proof of U.S. citizenship. The state law will require people to produce a U.S. birth certificate or passport when registering to vote. On election day, the voters must also show specified types of identification to cast a ballot.

Proponents of the law state the new law is intended to minimize voter fraud. Opponents allege the new law will discourage minorities’ participation in elections as well as hinder voter registration drives in ethnic communities.

The law also limits public benefits and access to services for illegal immigrants. Arizona government officials are scrambling to prepare workers who will be required to ask all who apply for public welfare benefits for proof of citizenship.  Government workers may immediately start reporting to immigration authorities suspected undocumented immigrants seeking public benefits.

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